The Problems of Primary School Teachers’ Training in the Conditions of Distance and Blended Teaching in Higher Education Establishments

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Kvitoslava B. AVRAMENKO 1 A
A — Study design;
B — Data collection;
C — Statistical analysis;
D — Data interpretation;
E — Manuscript preparation;
F — Literature search;
G — Funds collection;
  • V. O. Sukhomlynskyi Mykolaiv National University, Ukraine
Received: 24.05.2021Accepted: 25.06.2021Published: 29.06.2021
Background and aim of study
The relevance of the study is caused by the implementation of modern information and communication technologies into the educational process of higher education institutions, that induces the appearance of new kinds and forms of its organization.
Research methods
Theoretical and empirical methods are used in the work: analysis, classification and generalization of the source base of the research; normative documentation regulating the activity of higher education institutions (educational and professional programs, curricula); experience in the educational process organizing; diagnostics of students majoring in 013 Primary education (questionnaires, observations, introspection).
The structure and content of “distance learning” and “blended-learning” are disclosed, considers its advantages and its efficiency. The scientific approaches principles mean and forms of organization of the process of distance learning and blended-learning while training of elementary school teachers are investigated. The advantages of using the Moodle platform at the V. O. Sukhomlynskyi Mykolaiv National University are proved. The possibility and expediency of using distance and blended learning in the process of professional training of future primary school teachers is proved.
The development of computer and information and communication technologies, the use of distance and blended learning have significantly changed the role and place of teachers and students in the educational process in higher education institutions. Their implementation promotes the formation of professional competence of future primary school teachers.
distance learning, blended-learning, educational process, vocational training, primary school teachers.
2021 Avramenko K. B.
DOI: JEL: I20, I21, I23 UDC: 37.091.12:005.963
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Avramenko, K. B.