New Technologies. Ukraine. Culture

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Zhukova Yanina  
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    Background and aim of study:
    Ukraine is a fast-growing country. Ukraine has traditionally been regarded as a country with a powerful scientific potential, with scientific schools recognized throughout the world and with an advanced system of training. One of the largest and best educated countries in Europe, with an excellent base of talent and technology infrastructure in it. About 100 R&D centers of major global companies are located here. The country has a solid foundation for development. Ukraine has what Richard Florida calls the Creative Class – a tolerant environment that promotes an active subculture of art galleries, music scenes and avant garde cafes. Ukrainians have unique and original culture. They are very prone to innovation and are very able in this regard. The latest technologies as Social Web with Twitter, Facebook, Google and Mobile change UA reality very fast. The most modern and hot directions as Social Art / Online Education / StartUps / Local Business / Social Games are here. There tech startups offer products and services in a wide variety of industries. Home energy management, cyber security, the IoT of pets, construction of autonomous smart houses, agtech, health care, transportation, wearable technology, recognition and others. Show the latest achievements of Ukraine – the aim of scientific research.
    1. One of the example is a team of Donetsk students – Valery Yasakov, Anton Stepanov, Anton Posternikov and Maxim Osik. They are to facilitated deaf people communication in 2012 – the Enable-Talk” project. The glove that can translate sign language into sounds – won first place at the Microsoft Imagine Cup competition and hit the pages of the American magazine “Times” as one of the best inventions in 2012. 2. The UniExo is designed for people with trauma and traffic problems: a) To restores the motor functions of human bodies with modular robotic exoskeleton devices. b) It’s wearable modular robotic exoskeleton device, which improve to rehab for all limbs. c) The device detects your limbs position, and with robotic algorithms makes rehabilitation program under remote supervision of doctor. d) The device uses unique robotic algorithms or remote control under doctor’s surveillance. 3. The SnowBears and OptMax have a Snowbears VOLT jacket with electric heating system. The jacket is warmed with DuPont’s Sorona artificial down. The back of the lining is made of a special fabric that performs the function of preserving heat. 4. The xBeam 3D Metal Printing is a Ukrainian innovation project that develops unique technology and equipment for 3D metal printing. The project has already received a grant from the European Union by the Innovation Support Program by Horizon 2020. The team won the second stage of the Climate Innovative Vouchers Program. Ten Ukrainian companies received 400.000 Euros from the EU and the EBRD for development of breakthrough climatic and resourcesaving innovations.
    Ukrainians are developing new products that will push the boundaries of existing market niches while defining new ones. WhatsApp founder Jan Koum is Ukrainian, as are PayPal co-founder Max Levchin and Alexander Galitsky, serial entrepreneur and the co-inventor of WiFi. Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak takes great pride in his Ukrainian heritage. Ukrainians are starting go in a new direction to launch their own companies with global ambitions. Of course, there are already major success stories like Grammarly, Looksery and Readdle. The Ukrainian companies are very looking to compete outside the country include Ecoisme, Hideez, Petcube, PassivDom, Agrieye, Cardiomo and Delfast. And others are coming up fast like Hushme, Senstone, Getyu and Anryze. Most of their companies maintain R&D operations in Kyiv, Dnipro, Lviv, Kharkiv or Odessa, while establishing a marketing and sales presence in Silicon Valley or New York. Some have even incorporated in the State of Delaware in the US and others have taken advantage of the unique Estonian e-residency program that offers digital access to global markets without leaving home in Ukraine. With the globalization of Ukraine tech startups, there is an excellent opportunity to establish a worldwide brand for the country that focuses on innovation, creativity and a high level of technical development.
    DOI and UDC:
    DOI: 10.26697/ijes.2018.3-4.18; UDC: 005.591.6:004.9:008](=161.2)
    Information about the authors:
    Zhukova Yanina Oleksandrivna – Post-Graduate Student, Kharkiv State Academy of Culture, Kharkiv, Ukraine