Predictors of Teacher’s Engagement of Higher Education: An Exploratory Study

Author`s Contribution:

Reshmi MANNA 1 A
Ankit SINGH 2 A
A — Study design;
B — Data collection;
C — Statistical analysis;
D — Data interpretation;
E — Manuscript preparation;
F — Literature search;
G — Funds collection;
  • HR Knowledge Lab, India
  • NTPC School of Business, India
Received: 08.11.2021Accepted: 09.12.2021Published: 24.12.2021
Background and aim of study:
The study explores the personal characteristic and organisational environment as predictors of engagement. The teacher engagement has job engagement, organisation engagement and research engagement as the second-order construct.
Research methods:
The research aimed to develop an instrument to measure the level of engagement among teachers. The items of the tool were generated from the meta-analysis of the literature. This research was conducted at three educational institutes, and the samples were selected by the probability sampling method. To check sample adequacy KMO test was being conducted. Factors were explored through exploratory factor analysis, and predicting factors were linearly regressed.
This study on teacher engagement in the Indian perspective indicated that pay, benefits, objectivity, career growth and interpersonal relation are hygiene factors. However, work ethics and job content are the motivational factors in making teachers engage with their job or organisation.
This research emphasised better job design to encourage the teacher and utilise their skills and competencies to the maximum. Focusing on the motivational factors improved work quality and work-life balance as well.
teacher engagement, personal characteristics, organisational environment
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DOI: JEL: I20, I23 UDC: 378.126:378.14