Program of Psychological Rehabilitation of the National Guard of Ukraine Military Personnel Participated in Combat Actions

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  • National Academy of National Guard of Ukraine, Ukraine
Received: 22.10.2018Accepted: 14.11.2018Published: 29.11.2018
Background and aim of study:
Combat actions that have taken place over the past f our years in eastern Ukraine have a negative impact on the physical and mental health of the combatants. Under these conditions, the psyche of military personnel operates on the brink of its own resources, and prolonged participation in hostilities can lead to the development of post-traumatic stress disorder. Therefore, timely measures of prevention and control of combat stress, psychological rehabilitation of military personnel after engagement in combat will significantly reduce psychogenic injuries, prevent the emergence of mental disorders from combatants. The aim of the study: to develop, scientific ally substantiate and to test a program of psychological rehabilitation of combatants.
Research methods:
To determine the effectiveness of the program of psychological rehabilitation at the beginning and at the end was used by authorial diagnostic of mental disorders methodology “Psychological Safety of Personality”, as well as “The Questionnaire Evaluating the Effectiveness of Psychological Training” after completing the psychological training . In total, 70 military men of the National Guard of Ukraine from all regions of Ukraine participated in the program of Psychological rehabilitation, and the practical implementation and testing of the program took place in 2017.
The program of psychological rehabilitation of combatants based on psychological training for restoring the psychological safety of a military man’s personality has been developed and scientifically substantiated. The practical implementation of the program of the psychological rehabilitation of the combatants proved its effectiveness: the results of the dynamics of the components of psychological safety of a person increased on average by 16%.
Proposed program of psychological rehabilitation of combatants helped to improve the mental condition of military personnel, to restore psychological resources of a person and to prevent the development of mental disorders.
prevention of mental disorders, psychological rehabilitation psychological training, military personnel, combat actions, combatants.
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DOI 10.26697/ijsa.2018.1-2.05; UDC 159.9.072(477)
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Prykhodko Ihor Ivanovich (Corresponding Author) – https://оrsid.оrg/0000-0002- 4484-9781; [email protected]; Doctor of Psychological Sciences, Professor, Chief of the Scientific and Research Center for Service and Combat Activities of the National Guard of Ukraine, National Academy of National Guard of Ukraine; Kharkiv, Ukraine.